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First Run

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Going to Import Face Off tomorrow and going to make my first pass after owning the car for about a year.



1. ACT street clutch and flywheel

2. Greddy uppipe

3. ERZ downpipe

4. Accessport v2 tuned @ stage 2


Everything else is stock... So what is the basic time you guys think I would run so I wont be so surpirsed tomorrow... I dont know why but I always miss 4th gear during races any tips?

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I would say you're in the 13s sor sure, even with a bad launch. Low 13s if you know what you're doing. I'm still at stock power levels, but when I ran I was feathering the RPMS around 4-4.5k. With how how torque the LGTs have, you won't have to worry a lot about bogging you're launch.
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no. a mustang dyno reads low unless there is a parasitic multiplier on it.

a dynajet reads high - about 20% more than a mustang dyno


that is coming from the two local dyno's in my area. i didn't go to the dynajet dyno, i went to the mustang. but the 20% is through people that have gone to both dyno's. difference is 20% - and i am aware this is not something that is across the board.

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most likely - he's pushing 22.9PSI on the turbo


E85 maybe??? or he forgot he's stage 3


i agree, either the tuner/dyno operator is fudging the numbers or he has other mods we arent hearing about.


i did 235whp/290wtq with wrapped equal length headers, wrapped UP, DP, and exhaust. fairly conservative tune, but still not even close the to numbers that chart is showing. of course im on shitty CA 91 so what do i know :icon_frow

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