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In need of Lowering Springs for 07 LGt


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If you can wait a few weeks, i'll sell you my MR coilovers with ~16500miles on them. I'm upgrading to RCE Tarmac 1s.



Im afraid that its gonna cost me an arm and leg.

I actually got laid off last month so im trying to spend a little as possible.

But i'll wait and see what's the deal.


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I'll be taking off my ION springs next month and you can have them for $100. About 30k miles. I think there is minimal differences between wagon and sedan models, but you should confirm that yourself. I drive my Anaheim a couple times a week.
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Update !


Saul - Still waiting for his reply about his Coilover

0verb00st - It's probably sold but then again i dont have much cash.

Mungo - Waiting for his reply if his Ion's are available.

Sleepin GT - Replied back today to meet up if he agrees!



called a local Import store and they quote me for S-Tech $450 installed...I think thats way too much and I searched and found out that nobody likes them.



Conclusion: My GT is still a Monster Truck!

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You might also want to get a used Bilstein Spec B struts. Stock struts doesn't really match with lowered springs.


thanks for the advice rommel, Struts are actually on my list in addition with Front Lip and Eyelid.



Do you have RBS lip and eyelid in stock for my 07?

and if you do Pls PM me for price.

Are you local?

It'll Be nice if i can pick it up!

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