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Some Pics of cubby gauge install...


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Here are some pics of my first real mod. I used 1/4 MDF and used a thin carbon fiber sheet for the face plate. Secured plate with silicone. I used my dremel to cut the holes in the rear of the box. Total cost of install including gauges was about $100. Got both the boost gauge and the A/F gauge for $39 a peice on ebay. I know, they are cheap gauges but I couldn't get myself to spent $500+ with out trying this first.


Thought someone might be interested.






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I got ripped off while trying to buy a Megan Racing boost gauge.. costed me $25 after Ebay charges their stupid fees to get any of your money back.. :rolleyes:



not quite making sense for me. been using ebay for years, nerver had a problem...

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But how accurate are they? Having gauges is cool but have reliable ones is best.



Just finished installing the vac line and gave the car a test run. The gauge peaked at 13. Looks like its about a 1/2 off. Fine for me though. It is a 30psi gauge too so its hard to tell.


I did run into a prob with the air/fuel gauge. From every thing I've read you are supposed to tap the rear o2 sensor using the white wire. Trust me this does not work. Does anyone know which one it is?

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I'm considering these...interested if you have any daytime shots of the gauges on that you can post up.....


edit: I know this is an old post, but hopefully someone has these and won't mind posting up a daytime shot...

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