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mold for deck??


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It is out!!!


But we need a group buy.


The project cost for fabricating/molding, mass-producing it, advertisement and shipping would probably run in the $400-$500 range per unit.


Our half a dozen prototypes didn't look too bad, but it also didn;t look great!


We were thinking of doing it in clear plastic, so it'll be easy to paint it to whatever you want.


Maybe Carbon Fiber, but again, pricing will definetly go sky rocket!


Pics to come...







p.s. Remember my name...because I too have no idea what you are talking about!!! ;)

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i was expecting max $50

if it was available..


What is a 'mold for deck'? After the winter, I have plenty of mold on my deck. Come over and you can have it free :D


Since this is in the Interior/Audio forum, I assume you are asking about a 'fit-kit' to replace the stock system in order to put an aftermarket radio in? :confused:

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And how does it solve the problem of the integrated climate control unit!! BAM!!


Well, that's the point. There is no fit-kit because of the integrated HVAC. I just bought an extra one off eBay.......I'll figure some hacks out on the donor unit. ;)

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