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EJ22 Idle Fluctuations.....


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I'm on a quest!


I'm going to figure out the reason behind why the EJ22 engine has an inconsistent idle once and for all! I have several theories that I haven't bothered to test because the problem wasn't too bad, but now the inconsistent idle is getting worse to the point of occasional hesitation. Here are my theories.....




I really don't think this is fuel related, becuse the fuel injectors appear to be functioning properly and none sound abnormal with the old screwdriver to the ear trick. I also don't think it's the fuel filter but those are cheap so I might just throw one in for S&G's. I really think this is ignition related, not fuel related, but I am going to have to go through everything just to rule out the possibilities.


Ignition coil.

I'm finally gonna bite the bullet and swap the MSD coil in. I know it's not the plugs and wires because those are still new (Less than a year old).


Vacuum leak.

I have some hoses that are routed in an unorthodox manner. I'm going to take them off and make sure none are cracked or broken, and reroute them the way Subaru intended.


IAC Solenoid.

I've had similar issues with a Nissan IAC solenoid before, so I'm going to find the one on the EJ22 and check all the wires leading to it. If the problem persists after some tinkering and after the hoses and coil, this is getting replaced.


Electrical issues.

I am going to go through all electrical connections with a fine tooth comb and check for any corroded terminals/connections. If all else fails I'm going to check into O2 sensors, even though I highly doubt these are the root of the problem.



If all else yields no results, I will have to replace the first cat. I think I'll go to an exhaust shop and have them either do a cat-delete on both cats, or I'll just gut the cats myself. I know they're probably clogged, but I don't think this is the problem. Who knows.....



I've had cars with bad compression, and I know this car has plenty of compression... For a fact. There are no signs of poor compression, the car burns no oil, there are no signs of piston slap, and it has plenty of power and runs strong on all 4 cylinders. I am still kind of wondering what kind of shape the motor is in with regards to compression. When all is said and done I think I'll do a compression test just for my own piece of mind.




I am open to suggestions and if anyone out there has a similar problem and would like to join me on my quest lets get started. It would be nice to solve this problem, and if someone else comes on the forums with the same problem we can point them in the right direction right away. Thumbs up, lets do this! ;)

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