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Need confirm of TGV location and possible cause for failure

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First thing this morning I got a CEL and pulled the codes when I got home. P2009 which seems to indicate an issue with the Tumble Generator Valve (TGV).


Can someone pls confirm the little part in the red square is the TGV?




If so, I think I may know why mine's effed up....


Against my better judgment, I had the apes at Wal Mart do a synthetic oil change on my 2005 OB XT yesterday, and it's obvious they spilled oil all over the left front side of the motor around the filler hole....including the little part identified above.


Would that be enough to cause it to malfunction and throw a CEL?


Either way, I disconnected the battery, did a discharge using the brake pedal, and hooked 'er up again to clear the code. Didn't throw another one......yet.



Tim G.


2005 OB XT w/ 74k

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