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Command Start / Alarm

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Hey guys,


I know there are lots of threads about this already, but I was hoping to get some insite on the command start / alarm I am considering putting into my 2006 Legacy 2.5I (non turbo).


I am looking at the CompuStar Pro RF-P2W9000-SS.

This unit claims line of site is 1 Mile.


The answers I am looking for answers on are:


1. Has anyone tried to put this model into there legacy and if so good or bad.


2. I dont want the anntena on the windshield, so by putting it under the dash how far of range do you think I would get out of it (ruff esitmate).


3. In the past when i was thinking about putting this system into the car, they want you to give up your valet key. However I read a thread on here that now Compustar has a box that would eliminate the need to give up a key. Has anyone tried this solution and how well does it work? Or should I just give up a key? I worrie about having that chip in the car at all times, does it make it easyer for the car to be stolen?


4. any other info that would help in making this desicsion would be appreciated.


5. Also, any problems intigrating trunk and keyless entry?


Thank you all very much.

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I've not had any personal experience with that combination, but I can only speak good things about Compustar.


I have it installed in my manual transmission diesel pickup, and it's worked flawlessly. Programming the system is a lot easier than you think.


And customer service is first rate, 2nd to none.


Another cool feature is the 2 way remote, and RPS feature.


The RPS does 2 things - you can unlock the vehicle without the key fob or keys (if you so happen to lock yourself out), and someone can page you from your vehicle if they cannot find you.


And the Blade bypass kit should allow you to not have to use a valet key.

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