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Traction Control disable?

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On an '05-06 GT, the question is "what traction control?"


What model are you referring to? I think someone else may have responded to your other post with a potential answer: removing the ABS fuse. I don't think there's a dedicated fuse for VDC... keep in mind I don't own a vehicle with that feature though.

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I have an '08 LGT 5eat. The car has electronic traction control that works in conjunction with the ABS. There is a disable switch on the dash, but it resets to the on position every time you start the car.

I didn't understand that the fuse for the ABS was the same as the one for the traction control. Even though it's the holiday season, don't want the full warning light Christmas tree effect on the dash whenever the car is running... No other options?


Posted at the same time Subie dude. I far prefer driving without traction control, I like to steer with the gas pedal some under certain conditions. Traction control works with the ABS to apply the brakes to one or more wheels to prevent sliding the car. I only find it useful under certain limited conditions, prefer to have the default at off.





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