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smooth blowout :)


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got a blow-out on the way to work this morning .. was traveling about 50 in a business district. it was surprisingly smooth. i just heard a loud pop and felt a little bump. it was the right-rear.


got the donut on now .. on my way to the tire shop.


i'm wondering, .. i didn't really look at the tire closely, but if they say they can fix the tire instead of replacing that, would that be safe at high speeds?

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I was doing 80 when I had a front tire blowout. Wasn't a problem. Steering wheel didn't flinch. That was on a RWD car though... Should I expect something worse with AWD?


I doubt they will be able to fix it sde. Moving at 50 mph put a lot of stress on a collapsed sidewall and bead. Time to get rid of those RE92s (if you still have them).



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