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How to Read from ECU by using ECU Flash for 08+ LGT


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I will be trying to extract my stock 08 Spec B ECU Map on my car this week.

Hope to get it tuned by Infamous soon.

I do have the ECU Flash Program and it looks fairly simple.


Do I just connect the Tactrix Cable and hit "Read from ECU" and save the Map that way?

Or are there more complicated things that I need to do before extracting out the Stock Map from the ECU?


I feel that it was necessary for me to ask since......ECU aren't cheap if something goes wrong!! :eek:

Any guidance or direction for this would be appreciated.

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Should be the same.


There two green connectors in the passenger side foot well(near your left foot). You'll need to connect those to be able to read.


The most common mistake people who have bricked their ecu(either by CobbAP or ECUFlash) is that they turn their keys off at some point after the error, fault, etc. DO NOT TURN YOUR KEYS OFF. As long as the keys stay ON the ecu is still in diagnostic mode. Whatever you need to do, reboot the computer, AP, etc resume your reading or writing once rebooted and you should be ok.

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This is how I do it.


With the car off


1. plug in the tactrix

2. connect the green connectors in the footwell

3. Open up ECU Flash

4. Turn the ignition key to on position (you should hear the radiator fans cycle)

5. select the read/copy rom button


That should do it.

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No test connectors needed for canbus. The only other thing is when you go to read it may ask you for a more general ecu type. I think canbus is the only obvious choice in that menu. Other than that and assuming all software and drivers are installed, plug in and open ecu flash with ignition on and read.
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you still need to connect the green plugs in the passenger foot well. I havt 2 08s and you have to do this.


make sure the driver is installed or ecu flash wont read.


1. connect green plugs.

2. connect tactrix cable

3. open ecu flash

4. turn key to "on"

5. fans will start cycling

6. hit read ecu

7. when done reading save rom

8. turn key off

9. separate green plugs

10. remove tactrix cable

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If you are flashing with an AP no connections. If using tactrix cable you have to connect the green plugs. I have never tried without connecting the plugs. Even the dealership connects the plugs when connecting to the ecu. Not going to brick my ecu finding out if I don't have to connect the plugs.
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I've never used an AP but with the tactrix cable I'm certain you do not need to connect the test connectors on canbus models. I've never even seen my test connectors.


The point of the test connectors is to put the car into test mode. The openport 2 cable is able to do that on its own.

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