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Weird idle... electrical problem?!


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I was driving to the gym last night and as I got to the top of a hill and pushed the clutch in to round the corner and go into the gym parking lot, my car all of the sudden bogs down and all the lights go super dim. I hit the gas a little, just so the car didn't die completely. The car then proceeded to rev up (lights returning to normal) and then bog down (lights dimming) almost to the point of stalling... it did this about 5 times before I decided to just hold the revs up with the accelerator just long enough to get the car parked.


When I left the gym I was gonna drop it off at the mechanics shop right away. But the car didn't act up at all. I let it idle for a bit and nothing happened. I took it to Autozone tonight thinking it may be the alternator, but the alternator and battery both checked out fine.... what could this be? I have only driven the car twice since this happened, but I don't want this to happen to me when I am in the middle of nowhere and it is -10 degrees this winter.


Please Help.



*** Please Note: I had an aftermarket exhaust put on this week, I dont know if that would matter. I just replaced the Muffler with a 2.5"in/4"out muffler. I wanted to hear that beautiful boxer sound. :)

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I have my computer plugged into the car sometimes to read all the electronics. I see the trim level options but I have no idea what they are supoosed to be. Can you give a slight description of what the trim level does and what is its normal operating conditions?


:lol: The trim you're seeing is fuel trim. The trim he was talking about is L, GT, LTD, etc

'15 FB25

Magnatec 0W-20 + FU filter (70,517 miles)

RSB, Fr. Strut Bar, Tint, STI BBS, LED er'where

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Does the car misfire at all when this happens? Does it sound like there is a loss of ignition?


Sometimes the EJ22 engine will bounce around at idle, between 100 and 600 RPM's. From what I gather it is a fairly common problem and I have yet to figure it out on my EJ22. It might be a cracked vacuum hose somewhere, or a faulty wiring connection. Next time it happens I'd suggest letting it go and see if it actually dies out or if it just bounces around at idle a few times.


If the engine dies down and runs rough (IE with intermittent spark) then it could be an ignition coil or a faulty cam or crank position sensor. If it's fuel related it could be a number of things.

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