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EBC Greenstuff 2000 Brake Pads


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I've read mixed reviews regarding EBC brake pads. Some people like them, other people have had issues with them leaving deposits and sub-par performance. Hawk HPS are inexpensive, quiet, perform well, and they are very popular.



Ive heard similar. They are ceramic based, but with lower max operating temps. Ive seen their "track" pads crumble and fall apart.


However, Ive also been told EBC was bought out by a European company last year and that they were reformulating everything. However, the box pictured above is an old one.

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i had EBC greens on my last car. they where garbage IMO. bearly worked when they where cold, once warm they stopped nice; however way too much brake dust. my wheels would go from silver to gunmetal in 1-2 days, and go charcoal black within a week of DD stops. once they warmed up some more they would squeel (to the point of embarassment). i switched back to hawk HPS
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