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96 legacy L oil change questions


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I am doing an oil change on my 96 legacy L wagon. This is the first time I have ever done an oil change on a Subaru. Is there anything I need to know. I have read a few forums on here and they talk about a crush washer... do I need to replace that every oil change, and do I have to get it from a dealer, or would a basic auto store have it? I don't think I have ever replaced one on my Hondas. Also is the filter and all easy to get at... and is the drain bolt easy to find... I literally haven't looked under the car at all... just got it a while back and it has sat most of the time (winter car):rolleyes:


Any tips or things I should look for would be helpful...Thanks



- Suby noob

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I have a crush washer.. you "CAN" use it more then once but since they are so cheap I pick up like 4 from the dealer (last 4 I got free) and keep them on hand so I can replace them each time.


Nothing hard about the oil change at all warm the engine and drain the oil then take the filter off don't spin it too fast as oil will come running out (very hot oil spilled down my arm) I changed the oil like 5 min after a long drive.. Not fun..


Anyways when you do that and put the new filter on make sure you take some of the old oil and rub it on the gasket on the oil filter and install it but not too tight. put a new crush washer on and put the drain plug back in and refill the oil.


You can fill the oil filter up with a little oil if you want or wait for the oil pump to do it's job.

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I usually use the washer for 4 oil changes and then replace. Zero problems.


I reuse the washer as well a few times before I change it out.

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