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I removed pinstripes from my car awhile ago, and ever since then there have been two barely visible white lines where the stripes were. The shop that removed the pinstripes told me that detailing the car would remove them, but I wasn't really worried about it at the time. It starts under the driver's side mirror and goes back all the way to the rear quarter panel. They aren't stratches or anything, but I'm not sure if its just some of the pinstripe that wasn't removed entirely. Its really strange because this is only occuring on one side of the car. If I run my fingers over them, they seemed like they are raised above the paint. I'll try to get some pics tomorrow...


Recently they have been more noticeable and I have tried buffing these with stratch removal, stratch compound and wax on these lines. It hides it quite well, but its only temporary. Its more noticeable in the sun light.


I'm seriously considering buying the Billy May's Simoniz Fix it stratch removal stuff advertised on TV. I have heard a few good things about it..


Just trying to save some money and avoid having to take it to a shop.

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Try anyplace that sells supplies and paint to body shops, or a regular auto parts store may carry it by the Bondo and sandpaper. A body shop might even give you a small amount if you bring in a small container (glass bottle would be the safest as certain plastics might melt).
It is still ugly.
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Have you done any research on the product. A quick google:



[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Simoniz-Clear-Coat-Scratch-Repair/product-reviews/B001P5TDM0]Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Simoniz Fix It Pro Clear Coat Scratch Repair Pen[/ame]



It's a ripoff.

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