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Cousins 07 LGT 5MT


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Some of us have a slight ghost knock(I get a -1.4 @~2.8 K RPMS and 1.15ish load on occasion) when transitioning from a cruise to heavy throttle in 5th, but there is something else wrong here across the RPM/Load range. That code is from hitting the boost limit when you held the pedal down in 5th. I can't believe you could actually hit that high of boost with the car running like that. How long has it been since the ECU was reset?


The worst part is like Infamous1 said. You are basically running 2/3 of what would be normal Dynamic Advance and it's still knocking and pulling even more timing. Also the A/F trims are way out of whack too(your intake/MAF scale is off). In combination; these are not good things and will only lead to bad things happening if not corrected.


Maybe reset the ECU and then reload the Stg2 map, warm up the car, go out for a short drive and after a mile or so; give it just enough gas to get into boost(0-5psi) and watch to see if the IAM/DAM climbs from .69 to 1.00. Each time you creep into boost; it should pop up from .69 to .75 to .93 and then finally 1.00. If the IAM/DAM pops up to 1.00 then go do some logging runs. If the IAM/DAM doesn't pop up from .69(or actually goes down to .6875) then you need to try a different map.

Let's kick this pig!
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Just reset the ECU yesterday after that code went off.


I'll give the whole reset thing a try later tonight when I get home from basketball.


I love driving his car more then my LGT because its a manual and mine is an auto but his car drives so crappy that even though it is fun its still crappy.

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