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New Subaru!!!!

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Well after owning my 99" Legacy SUS for over 2 years i got a new Subaru. I got a Spark Silver Suabru Impreza 4 door 5spd w/ the premium package. The leggy blew a head gasket and i needed a new car for college neways since the leggy always had things breaking on it with 120000 miles. Neways i was only getting 1k for it at trade in so i kept it and got it fixed for 1300$. Now im really leaning towards keeping it since i plan on modding the Impeza. I kno its n/a but i wanna dress it up a bit.


Mod List:


-Sti springs(front,rear)

-Sti Sway Bars(front, rear)

-Spt Exhaust

-Sti Front Lip

-Sport Grill

-Red LEDs under the dash(i kno its ricer but its actually a factory option now)

-Cobb Ap?????


- Grey BBS Wheels wrapped in RE50s(nxt Summer)


Thats about it for now. Suggestions on more ods welcome or on current mod list.


Will get pics up as soon as it gets washed after it rains tomorrow

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