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anyone know if there is open source tuning available for mac users?


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Best bet is to run windows on your mac via bootcamp or parallels/vmware..


Some people have compiled the linux version of romraider to run on mac, but that's not going to help you read/write roms. I believe there is an older version of ecuflash that works with osx, but I wouldn't trust it to flash my cars ecu with. Other than that you'll want to use learning view regularly if you start OS tuning, and that works within the .net framework on windows only.


I use a macbook running xp sp3 in parallels occasionally to log/flash etc and have had no problems with it.

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Not sure I want to spend the money on Parallels or windows, to be honest with you. I have a XP sp2 disk left over from college but its not a retail version that boot camp will recognize and virtual box is flaky to use at best and dont trust it hooked up to the ECU either.


I guess if I come across a Parallels or a reliable virtual environment thats free Ill take another look at open source.

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