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overheating issues.

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i know this is a forum and im not expecting everyone to know everything thats wrong, but my 97 legacy gt has been having some overheating issues. I had my gaskets redone last summer so im near positive its not that. it first overheated with a full car load of ppl while running ac and i just thought the motor got overworked a lil bit, because the temp was only a lil high. i shut the car off, coasted down a hill, got to the bottom and started it right up and the needle went right to normal driving temp. it was like the coolant system decided to engage and it went right to normal. So the next time i had about an hour and half drive and was running ac again. i didnt notice the needle, but all the sudden the car was acting funny and then steam from the engine and coolant was boiling over. the temp was sky high! let it sit for a bit and through some water on the radiator cap. drove for a bit with it a lil hot since i was close. kept shutting her off and turning on with no luck like last time until all the sudden it did return to normal. so i thought it was just ac thats been messing it up. But on a hot day it spiked again. no ac this time. drove it off a bit and got it to normal later. now a cool night. it starts to spike again, no ac whatsoever. what is causing my car to overheat? thermostat out? it would put peace to my mind to not have to look at the needle everytime i drive. thanks for the help
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What have you got to lose?


15 minutes of your time and $10 or less including a new gasket? Whoa, high roller here! :lol:


It's worth a go, unless whoever installed your head gaskets installed a defective set, which is not totally uncommon. It could also be the waterpump too, or in some rare cases an airlocked waterpump which costs nothing whatsoever to fix.


The most important thing is that you're eliminating the easiest repairs first, so if you need costly diagnostics or repair you can tell whoever is doing the repair what has already been done. Don't count on a new thermostat as being an end all though, sometimes (All too often) a new thermostat is defective. I had a Hyundai go through two in a week.

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