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Tein type cs for legacy gt wagon


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Hi All,

Car is almost run in so let the mod quest begin!

First thing I want to do is to improve handling/minimise bodyroll and lower the car.

I am looking at Teins typc cs coilovers. Has anyone used them in the past or currently using them?

Tein has type cs specificaly for legacy wagon and they are priced as a premium item.

Supposingly improves handling, allows to adjust ride height and so on.




I need some opinions please. I have noticed that tein has just released GT wagon coilovers ! Has anyone looked into them.

How would gt wagon compare to type cs?



Any help would be appreciated




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I havent been impressed with the Tein non-race coilovers. I believe the USA-sold Teins are revalved for US bumpy streets but the spring rates are still the same as JDM. Nothing really impressive from Tein from the valving standpoint (since that's what they are relying more so than the spring rate). If Austrailia has smooth roads like Japan, then I wouldnt turn down from the Teins, but here in the US, from my experience from the WRX, Silvia and other applications, the street just beats them up too much to make them last but they do have street credit still and provide a decent ride at a very stylish/low dropped look, but in terms of racing performace, their street coilovers are just not good enough.


http://www.endlessua.com for Zeals.. (it's what I have on my car).

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Since I have the first US spec prototype Tein Flex coilovers on my car I'll chime in. In my case, Tein brought in their JDM spec Flex coilovers and put them on my car. Test drove extensively and changed both the spring rates and revalved the dampening. In the case of the BL/BP Flex coilovers, the JDM spring rates were 6kg/mm front and 6kg/mm rear. My springs are 8kg/mm front and 9kg/mm rear. While they did not tell me what was specifically done to the dampening, I'm assuming that it was firmed up to better match the increased spring rates. This would seem contrary to the above assertion that US Teins are softened for our roads. I believe that Australian roads are reputed to be more similar to US roads than the smooth surfaces found in Japan, so I'd think that a slightly more comfort biased setup might not be a bad idea.


Frankly for my tastes the springs are a little on the stiff side. The stiffer rear springs help balance out the handling since the USDM cars come with a softer rear sway bar than the JDM cars. It rides suprisingly well considering that the spring rates are over two times stiffer than stock, with small impacts being as smooth as stock, while larger bumps are more jarring.


I will say that my car rides much better after dialing in about 1/2" of preload in the front. With the reduced travel I was in the bump stops far too often with zero preload.


Really, I think that Tein makes a fine product. With as many choices as they have you really just have to pick the right product for your wants and needs. I really don't think that you can stereotype any characteristics to any one brand.

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