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Which will you pick for white LGT


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Rota Tarmac 2 18" or Prodrive P1 18" both gun metal which one will u guyz think will look best on White LGT. They both look pretty much same to me but im not sure. Maybe its the brand, price, or weight that sets them apart.

Also how much of a differance is 18"x7.5 and 18"x8. Both of the wheels above are for 7.5 just wondering if they will be much different interm of looks

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My preference for the white, in order, is gold, silver and bronze. I'm just not able to see the complimentary effect in the gunmetal and hyper blacks, with the one exception being a BBS mesh-style (forget which version) that's hyper black with polished (slight) lip and polished mesh. I could be way off on the BBS color but that's my recollection and it looked good. That wheel looked really good with the SWP.


The difference in look between the 7.5" and the 8" has as much to do with the cross section of the tire that you'll be putting on it as anything else does. Check out Xenonk's sticky at the beginning of the Tire/Wheels Forum for more info.



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