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Overriding the Autostick setting


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I know i know, A manual legacy is required for spirited driving. But I have a automatic gt and am gonna make the most of it.


So, heres the deal.

My transmission lately has been acting a little lazy on both up and downshifts in sport mode. I guess its time for gearbox servicing which i will get with my next oil change.


Because of this new lazyness of the tranny, i have found myself using the autostick more and more. i am the master of upshifts and i love the fact that i get to do them and no external electronic force shifts it for me.


I have a grudge against downshifts though. Just the other day, while doing some spirited driving on a good road, i approached a 2nd gear corner in 3rd gear. Since i had glanced at the gear readout just before I started braking, i expected it to stay in 3 rd gear. To my surprise (the following happens in a fraction of a second), as i braked and downshifted using the stick, the car had already downshifted to 2nd and since i didnnt check this i ended up in 1st gear with the revs too high spoiling the corner.


So, my question is :


'Is it possible to override the car's autostick downshifting ability to basically give you full control over both up and downshifts i.e no more surprise downshifts'


Thanks in advance

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Unfortunately not. The slushbox in these cars is nothing special. Most automatic gearboxes that have a "manual" mode will override your inputs if you get the revs too high or too low. The few gearboxes that don't do this are dual-clutch autos. It's a shame Subaru hasn't invested in some better technology.
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I know exactly what you mean and that's happened to me before. No way to change it that I've heard or read about.


Best bet in that scenario is to downshift manually just a tad earlier to keep it from sneaking in a downshift of it's own while you're not looking. You'll get the hang and timing of it after a while.

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ya know what I cant stand about the autostick is when it downshifts just as you do. I cant tell you how many times I've tried to go from 3rd to 2nd at the same time as the computer, and wound up going 3rd to first.


its painful.

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