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how long did it take you install your JDM grill?


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Obviously only applies to those with the JDM grill. Mine just arrived in the mail today - i'll probably try to install this weekend (weather permitting) -- curious about what i'm in for.


I've already read through most the other threads and think i'm prepared for the issues i'm sure to encounter --- just trying to see how much time i should set aside of my day for it :)

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Im not sure how long it took me exactly, but I have minimal car experience being that Im a youngen', and it wasnt long at all. I couldent imagine that it could possibly take more than an hour and thats if you have some serious problems or if you customizing it in some simple way to make it fit to your liking.



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hopefully i'll get around to doing this tomorrow -- i'll be moving into a new townhouse this weekend so i doubt i'll have any free time between packing, moving and then unpacking.


i'm glad to hear that most people got it swapped so quickly though... hopefully i wont have many problems.



I'll be sure to post pics of the finished product :)

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Devil']Snap that site is only for new Legacys


I really want to find a US site that has the JDM grille for a 2002 BE :(


Anybody know of one??









Register and bid through www.rinkya.com. When you register, tell them raulm referred you. They'll kick me $10 if you win your first auction.

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