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225/45RZ18 Dunlop Direzza Z1 Star Specs on STi pinks


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I just had some z1 *spec's put on, I was a bit worried about the fitment going with a larger tire and being lowered on pinks. I did a lot of research here and it seems a lot of people are running 225/45 or 225/40 on their 18x7 spec.b stockers, but they are either not lowered or don't specify what springs/coil overs they are running, also the z1 runs a bit wide for a 225. I wanted the more common 225/40 but they require a 7.5" wide wheel and i didn't want to risk it since this is primarily a track car. Well, I am happy to confirm that the 225/45/18 Z1 star specs will fit the stock spec.b wheels when lowered on sti pinks, in fact the clearance didn't change much at all.


New from Tire Rack:



Front Right (RE050A):



Front Right (Z1 *spec):



Front Left (RE050A):



Front Left (Z1 *spec):


(note the damage, nice gash in the spoke and some good scraping opposite of it)


Rear Right (RE050A):



Rear Right (Z1 *spec):



Rear Left (RE050A):



Rear Left (Z1 *spec):




No comment on the tires yet since I just brought the car home, took a few pics and parked it. I will take a drive this weekend and I have a track day scheduled for 8/14, so I will be driving it as much as I can to break the new tires in before that.


If any one is looking for some half used RE050A's on the cheap let me know. They have 8500 miles on them with 2 track days and have been rotated 4 times so they have an even 5/32 left all the way around and have no damage. I was thinking $100 obo.

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Do you still have the tires??? and if so, would you be willing to ship??? I am looking for a new set of tires since I am trying to sell my car. It's either a new set or get a decent set used...

Yeah, I still have the tires... I haven't listed them in FS or on craigslist or anything. PM me your zipcode. I'll take some pictures and measure the depths. When I get a shipping quote, we can work something out if your interested.

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Nice to see they fit. I thought about it when I picked up my z1's but my stock wheels are my winter setup. The z1's on my 18x8 Volks on pinks rub a tiny bit in the back. May have to roll that fender eventually :rolleyes:
Sorry to hear that. What size are you running? I couldn't afford wheels & tires right now, so I just went with the tires. Hopefully next time I can get them mounted up on new wheels, I was hoping to run 235/40/18 on a 18x8 wheel.
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