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New BL5 Upgrades


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Hi, I live in Hong Kong and drives a BL5 spec.B with a 280hp EJ20 6MT. Want to share my recent experience with some new parts.


BC BR-Type F7/R8 Coilovers

Two weeks ago, we put on the BC coil-overs onto the otherwise completely stock spec.B.

With stock wheels, the right height allowed one finger gap for all four wheel, which seems to have the perfect balance among handling, suspension travel, and look.

On average, my cornering and exit speed increased by about 15% compared to stock, and ride quality did not suffer (although you do feel more bumps due to the higher spring rate, the "bouncing" at high speed is gone, which improves ride quality).

My wife and kids have never raised a single question regarding ride quality for the last two weeks :)

This is by far the best US$1000 I have ever spent on a car in terms of handling improvement.


Hawk HP Plus pads

My front rotors was warped (just like lots of your BL/BP), and we re-surfaced them for this installation.

With the HP Plus and refreshed rotors, not only did it not vibrate violently, but it also slows the car down significantly faster, and on top of that, requires much less pedal pressure and pedal travel.

However, there is indeed a very noticeable squealing noise when you apply brakes at less than 20mph, which might annoy some pedestrians.

Since my wheels are gun metal, I don't notice any dust.

I know some guys are using other more more aggressive pads, which I have never tried, so I'll let others comment on the comparison.

Overall, I'm more than satisfied.


A-Tech Final Speed 17x7.5

Advan A050(M) 215/45R17

Yesterday, we put on the A-Tech together with the A050, and due to the significant reduction in overall tire+rim weight(~8lb less each) and diameter (1" shorter), and the increase in grip compared to the stock RE050A, I feel like my car is on rail.

I guess I don't need to comment on the increase in grip and acceleration, but I do want to comment on the significant increase in tire noise, especially at below 40mph.

It's like a constant "wooooo" humming noise, and increase all the way to about 60 km/h, then stayed constant.

I had to pick up my parents at the airport last night, and they noticed the noise right away

But again, we are talking about r-compound tires here, so why don't I just shut the f up...


Overall, it's very difficult now to kick in ABS when braking on a straight line since the tires are just too grippy, and it'll take me weeks to adjust to all of these new found ability in cornering, braking, and accelerating.


Welcome any comments.


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Wow those tires are crazy. They look like a step up from AD08. It would be interesting to put a stiffer spring on your stock struts and compare the performance with the BC coilovers. Do you know who makes the shock for the BC set? HP+ can be a little noisy when they are hot, but they are great pads. I did a cruise with some muscle cars last night through downtown and my noisy track pads got some attention and "wtf" looks. :lol:
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Yes definitely a big step up from the AD08, or for that matter any non-r-compound out there. Due to its discomfort (stiff side wall) and significant road noise, it is definitely not the most desirable "street" tires for most people, but I don't commute with it, and my wife is ok with it, hence my choice for r-compound on the street.

To compare stock JDM strut/shocks to the BC BR-type (http://www.bcec.com.tw/products/productsRA.html) is like comparing an all-season to a r-compound tire. First, the damping rate on the BC is leaps and bounds over the stock setup, and they are adjustable. At only 2/3 stiffness (20 out of 30 clicks), it is almost unbearable on local city streets for me, and I drove on coilovers for over 10 years. But just saying it's stiff does not naturally mean it's good for handling. At 8 clicks, the ride quality is like stock setup. I find the best balance right in the middle, at 15 clicks, where it handles like a dream, almost no squat, dive, and roll. With stock setup, it's like a boat at best. With stock damping like that, I really don't see how stiffer springs will help, but to make the ride even more weird and harsh bounces. For $1000, it's just hard to beat given the amount of added handling ability.

Yeah, my pads makes the same noise, and sometimes i get the wtf look from pedestrians too, oh well, they'll be aight...

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There is for sure no track in HK, and autoX is also uncommon. The r-compound tires come handy during early morning drives where a bunch of local subbies will do spirited hill climbs and descents. We used to all use street tires, but due to the extremely narrow roads and tight turns next to cliffs, r-compounds give us a better sense of confidence to go faster. I lived in San Francisco for 18 years, and have tracked my miata with r-compound frequently, and agree that r-compound really should belong to the track. When driven in the mountains, it's more of a cheat to go faster than those without them. However, given that I put less than 5k miles a year in HK (this place is half the size of SF peninsula), and I don't care much about the tire noise, r-compound really fits the bill for my needs, and take the handling ability to a great level.
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