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Ebay catback exhaust feedback


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Hey guys, I just got done installing my ebay catback and just wanted to post my opinions. First of all it was very cheap, I liked that part. But because of its cheapness there are fitment issues with the mufflers and exhaust tips. The left side sits about an inch lower than the right and also sits right up against the inner part of the muffler tip cutout, not unfixable but definatly annoying. But overall the exhaust sounds great, very deep. It did come with a resonator which i wasnt expecting and didnt really want, so let me know if any of you guys have a non resonated straight pipe you might want to trade!;) And lastly if you are lowered more than an inch or have coilovers, beware of clearance issues. I have coilovers and had to raise them up about an inch just to get enough clearance to drive around on colorado roads. Hope my feedback was useful!
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yeah all of those ebay exhausts are the same exact thing as the X02, so if you want to know what they sound like just go to youtube and find x02 legacy gt sound clips. It sounds good but the quality of the pipes is not good at all, you need to get them coated since they will rust.

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just look up "Subaru legacy exhaust" and look for the cheepest one. I think i bought the last one from cxlighting.


To anyone who buys this CBE. Get some hightemp paint/clear coat and coat these pipes so they wont rust.


Ahha, so these are made of that fine Chinese `stainless'. What about the cans? what are they made of?

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