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8.5" too wide?


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sorry if i mistook your last post about not understanding the numbers but:


offset refers to how far the wheel protrudes out, the lower the offset the further it protrudes. The link tingtang has above will tell you what offset 8.5" wheels will allow


the numbers 245/35/18 refers to tire size. again the link tingtang posted above will tell you what tire sizes will work with the size rim you get.



Here is a link that will break it down even further.



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My 18x8.5 wheels with +48mm offset and 245/35R18 tires caused some fender rubbing in the rear. Rolling the fenders took care of it. No problem that I can tell from the front (although the fronts are not even close to flush with the fender - they stick out noticeably).


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Exactly what I have on my unlimited.


That's actually what I wanted to go with... Except 18x8 235/40/18 but according to that link I posted it said might need fender rolling??? Did u guys have to roll the fenders?? My car is lowered some... I don't mind raising it up some though... I just don't want gaps between my tire and wheel well

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Well I am looking at 225-45-18 tires, and 18 x 8.5 2.5" Lip privat wheels. Wonder if I will have any issues.


Anyone? Sorry to bug, I wish I understood what all the different measurements mean. Even after reading that page I still don't know if these wheels and tires will fit my car.

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