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Just back from Japan..

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Hey guys... Sorry for the neglect.. I have been away for business in Japan. I did brake away to get some choice magazines and make a trip to a dealer or two.


I got to sit in the Blitzen Legacy, wich was pretty nice.


Here are some scans of some of the goodies I brought back. Sorry for the quality..my scanner isn't all that great.


But, I do like all the STI GENOME Titanium bits for the new Legacy.


I will be going back to Japan in June, so my days with my Legacy are numberd... I think this go round I will pick myself up a EVO 9.....













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i bought the hyperrev #88. they have some good pics of rims in there.


you can see the subaru legacy accessories at...




Doh!:redface: I should of just copied and pasted from the site..instead of scanning this stuff!


Oh well....


Live and learn.


Yeah, the STI Legacy is here folks... not as some may have wanted it..but none the less here it is..

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Yeah have to admit, Japan have some way nice units, not that the US or AUS will ever seen them unless you like "Grey Import" tags all over yr unit.

Thanks for sharing, looks like u had a great time. You can give yr eyes a rest now....


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Well..going back long term in a couple of months.. But, I am thinking about getting a EVO while I am there..


Sad thing is..there is not much room to enjoy it there.. But, I will need something to relive the stress from my projects...



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Lemme know if you need to sell some parts. I am actually in Richmond today and tomorrow...... ;)


Well let me know if you want to meet up tonite. You are welcome to come to my place and check out some good stuff.


Feel free to PM me with a cell number and I will give ya a call.


I will need to off load some parts.



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Cheap and Japan are never said in the same sentence...


Strangely enough, about a year and a half ago I was able to get an Arai auto racing helmet at a HUGE discount by buying in Japan rather than here in the US. It was almost half the price when all was said and done. (I paid ~$400 after shipping, where new prices in the US were $700)


And from what I hear, the "street" prices in Japan were even better than the one I found on the 'Net. At least as far as Arai lids go...

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