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Graffiti Remover


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Hey guys, as some may or may not know, I recently became a sales rep for this new product coming out of Texas, its called Graffiti Deleti (although it may change name for the CA market)


www.graffitideleti.com (website for some product demos)


Since the product is new, we are still testing various other uses it has besides being a paint solvent/remover. Currently for sure it can:


-All Graffiti/water based paints off any surface and cars(unless its acid etching tagging paint and porous surfaces require hot pressure washer)

-Remove permanent marker from dry erase boards, plastic items(garbage cans, computers, bottles), skin, (??? and more?)

-Help aid in the removal of gum off any surface

-Scuff marks off car paint

-Overspray off tires, wheels, windows

-Tire marks off cones or orange cone marks off cars

-Road tar or bug guts off cars

-Scuff marks off most hardwood floors, lenolium, etc (although it will strip the wax off, so rewaxing will be necessary)


We are still testing so it may work on even more things but those are what it can do for certain right now since I have seen it work on those things personally.


And in case you don't visit the website, this product is GREEN. What I mean is that it is safe for skin contact, won't cause any rashing or burns that other paint solvents can cause on the market today, and it neutralizes with water. Meaning that once water touches this stuff, it becomes inactive, and can be washed down the drain safely. The company is currently testing to get the GREEN certification so we aren't kidding when we say its GREEN. (or why else would we submit to the certification).


I posted this not to sell this to you guys (unless you want to buy) but in an effort to expand my contacts, and maybe get references that I wouldn't get otherwise by myself. If you know anyone or any business that would like or have a use for this product, if you can give me their contact info so I can get in touch with them. It would help me greatly in spreading the word about this product and help me earn some money. And depending on how much your reference buys, I can offer some compensation for the help.


Now one thing is, I can't guarantee that it will work on everything (no other products can either), since there is too many variables (surface, paint used, previous chemicals used, etc), but on what I have seen myself, it should work on a lot of things that others don't work on.


PS: We are also currently looking for some deals on decal work we need for the bottles. The temporary labels we have now don't stand up to the solvent so it washes it away and isn't really professional looking.

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