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Looking for a hotel in Orlando, Fl


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Just an idea, if you dont mind sitting through a 90 minute presentation(sales pitch for a timeshare) you can get a really nice condo style room at Westgate Resorts(very family oriented) for really cheap. You are not obligated to purchase, just got to go the presentation. I think they also offer discounted tickets to disney and universal.


Otherwise, there are literally hundreds of normal hotel chains in the immediate vicinity of both attractions.


Have a good time!!



On another note, if you do go the westgate route, do not fall into the Timeshare deal. They will use your family vacations as a sales pitch and everything else you can think of. If you got $$$$, then yeah, buy one but if you are like most of the rest of us, just tell them you dont want to purchase. But dont get pressured into making the "purchase." Thats all the advice I can give you.

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Have you tried pricing out some of the more affordable Disney resorts?




If you are flying into Orlando and staying for more than one day at Disney World, then I highly recommend it to you. They have a free shuttle from the airport called Disney's Magical Express




Not only do they provide shuttle service, but they take care of your luggage and transport it to your room without you having to wait for it at the airport.


Another good thing is the bus transportation from the resort to the parks. Waiting in the big line to get to the parking lot is no fun. And lastly they have one day in the week for every resort where they open the park one hour earlier for resort guests.


I have done the free shuttle from the airport and it was the best experience. Also taking the internal buses is always better since they leave you right at the entrance of every park.


Their resorts may be a little more money, but the convenience is priceless!





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There is a Best Western across the street form Universal that won the cleanliness and housekeeping awards. It's cheap and close to everything. Starts at 64.95 per night.


I stayed there a couple of times before moving here.


Best Western Universal Inn

5618 Vineland Road, Orlando, Florida, 32819-7827

Phone: 407/226-9119 Fax: 407/370-2448

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I've stayed at the BW Leo mentioned and can vouch that its pretty good for the $. There are several hotels on International Drive that are also good with bus service to all the parks. Make sure you go to Seaworld if you like sea animals.
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I just moved north from Orlando and I worked for Disney for the past 4 years. There are alot of places on hwy 535 or hwy 192 west of 535 that will be good. Disney has a deal with some of the local hotels, they're called Disney "Good Neighbor" hotels. If you stay there you can get special deals, like getting in the park on extra magic hour nights and sometimes deals on tickets from them. Unfortunately International Drive has become MAJORLY crime ridden in the past few years so I would steer clear of the I-Drive area if I were you. Also, There are plenty of vacation homes that are available on HWY 192 West or on HWY 27. I dunno what your price range is but it's a whole house (3bdrm +) and usually with a pool for around 100 per night + cleaning fee (like 80 bucks). Sometimes it's like 80 per night for a house, just kinda depends on the season. The 'value' disney hotels are great as well (Pop Century, All Star Music / Movies / Sports). They're around 70 per night-ish, again, depending on the season.
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