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Power windows on a 91 FWD Legacy Sedan


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Okay so I have a 91 FWD Legacy sedan in which every window rolls down and up, except for the driver's side one. They are power windows. A friend and I tore the door off to check into the problem and see whats going on. We tapped the motor with a hammer, and its started working (sort of), but at 3 different spots while rolling up, it makes this awful loud noise, and the window has to be helped up, pulled on. We've determined the motor in that one is faulty so I need a new one.


question number one: can I use the window motor from an 86 subaru legacy, or are they way different?

question number two: where can I get a new motor for the window, that isnt going to cost me a fortune. Im graduating and leaving for Pullman this fall, so Im on limited funds here,

and question number three: any good sites you know of that will take me through the process of installing the motor?

ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Ive never worked on my own car so Im kind of a beginner at this whole thing.

Thanks :)

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The motor is pretty easy to install. It sounds like it's got some deadspots. You can take it apart, if you have torx-head screwdrivers. I've rebuilt them before in other cars and got a few more miles out of 'em, but all in all if you're gonna tear the door panel off and mess with it you might as well replace it while it's apart. If you decide to try and "Rebuild" it, all you're gonna do is take the motor case off the motor, scuff up the copper end (The commutator) of the armature (The thing in the center of the motor with the windings on it) with a scotch brite pad. Then take an eraser from a pencil and clean up the face of the copper brushes (The parts that contact the commutator on the armature). Put it all back together and prey that the magnetic field is still okay in those magnets. Again, you might just want to replace the motor.


Also, you might want to check that the window hasn't fallen off the tracks. This doesn't sound like the problem, but I had that happen in an old truck I had and it turned out I needed to replace the slider inside the door instead of the motor.


I couldn't find any sites that detail removing the motor, but from the looks of the part on Ebay it looks like an easy one. There's a gear on the motor, so you don't have to mess with the raising/lowering mechanics for the window itself. Just unscrew the bolts, hold the window up inside the door, undo the electrical connection, and pull the motor out of the car. Reverse these instructions for installation. It doesn't matter what position the gear is in when you take the motor out or put it back in, just as long as the gears mesh properly it will work fine.

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Awesome, thanks for all the info- totally helpful. I dont want to mess with it too much and rebuild stuff, I think Id rather go with just buying a new motor especially since I barely know what Im doing, lol.


Thanks again!

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