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Front end alignment...

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So I took the Legacy to Town Fair Tire for an alignment. I always get nervous taking my car somewhere for work. The way I see it, I'm the only one who touches my car. The only one... I don't have a mechanic that I go to for anything. I do all my own work, no matter what it is... You name it I've probably fixed it on some car or another. When I have time I used to do repairs to peoples cars at work, or friends, or family, ect... Needless to say, I was a nervous wreck while my car was in the hands of the idiots at Town Fair Tire.


So the car goes into the bay. I'm standing outside the bay around a corner to keep an eye on the morons as they align my car and balance my wheels. I see them taking other peoples cars, revving them around back of the building, spinning the tires, and a bunch of other disrespectful things. They bring my car out of the bay, but it isn't done yet. They're gonna come back and get it when the next bay is empty and finish balancing the wheels.


The guy comes out to get my car, and almost rearends another car entering the parking lot. He has to slam on the brakes on the Subie to avoid hitting the other car. He knows I'm there, but he doesn't know that he's driving my car. I keep an eye on him while he's balancing the wheels from my little hiding spot around the corner. The cars all done, and he backs out of the bay, puts it in drive, and cherps my tires 3 times before rounding the corner where I'm standing. I immediately yell "HEY SPEEDRACER, WANNA SLOW THE F*** DOWN WITH MY CAR??" He's shaking in his shoes, gets out of the car and says nothing. He went back inside so fast he left the car running with the steering wheel and seat covers still in my car, and without giving me my alignment printout. I go inside and speak with the manager, and tell him VERY sternly what had happened. I look around the shop and the entire garage staff is standing in the store watching me. We meet glares and they all walk back into the garage. (Yeah, that's right... I OWN you...) The manager gives me my printout and appologizes up and down. He says he's gonna have a talk with "Speedracer". Before leaving, I tell the owner of a red Toyota Tacoma that they've got his truck right now, and when they were pulling it into the bay they decided to rev it a few times and cherp his tires rounding a corner (Which they really did...) Hopefully this place burns to the ground. They also stripped one of my wheel studs & lugnut and had to rethread the stud. Retards.....

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Oh in that case, I appologize... I was under the impression that you were uneducated working for a company that will hire just about anyone, including people still in high school. My bad... ;)



I guess I was asking for trouble going in for an alignment while they were getting ready to go home for the day.

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I wouldn't want this idiot driving my car more than he had to. If there was something wrong, you can bet money I would've let them know.


The kid looked about 19, lanky, crew cut, and he was rushing like Hell. I went in there at 4:15 and didn't get my car until about 5:45 or so. they close at 6:00 which I found out when I showed up. They probably wanted to go home, but I bet on Monday morning they're still gonna be there beating on other peoples cars.


I told the manager, "Look, that car has 150,000 miles on it, it might not be pretty, but it lets me bring home the bacon, and if your snot-nosed mechanic broke it, we'd have a pretty big ******** problem." I know it wasn't gonna break, she runs fine and I just replaced the clicking CV shaft, but still... It's the principal of the thing. If I had an '09 Legacy he'd have done the same thing, then I'd just kick his @$$.


I can tell you one thing for certain... If one of those weights on my wheel comes off I'm going straight back there and having them put it put on the right way, only this time I'm gonna be the one who pulls my car into and out of that garage...


next time, hit up fastrack in peabody,MA . $65 for the alignment, none of the asshatery. good, reliable work from them.


I didn't even know about that place. I could've rested easy with everyone else in the waiting room and saved myself $35!

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