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Info Panel Relocation Kit

Subie Boy

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I have one, you have to trim the attachment tabs on the relocation kit itself because the info panel hits them before it mates. Since the unit is made to tilt to the driver and we sit on the opposite side. Mine is just hot glued in place, so far so good for the last 3 months.
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Yes, frees up the top , thus you are able to put a double DIN up top. I have my 7" touchscreen there for the car pc. Not to mention it looks really nice sitting down there.


Thanks for the info man, are you able to send me some pics? Either PM me or through this thread? It would be much appreciaterd :)

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Sorry, no pics from behind. Here's the process in a nutshell:


Lift the trim panel around the shift level by pulling up on it. I'm assuming you have an MT car. I have no idea about AT cars. Unscrew the shift knob. Lift off the knob, boot, and trim panel as a single piece.


Remove the trim on either side of the shifter & radio by removing the two screws (one per side) aft of the shift lever, then pull back (toward the rear of the car) on each.


Remove the radio by pulling the screws on either side (2 are deep in there, the rest are easily visible).


Unhook the radio wiring - just feel around back there, you'll find little tabs under each connector, just squeeze and wiggle and pull.


To get the stock bezel out, put a screwdriver (or butter-knife, whatever) in the seam on the bottom and pry outward. Sounds awful but it works pretty well.


At this point you have everything apart. It's pretty easy to see how it all goes back together. You might have to get creative to get the relocated info panel attached to where the ash tray was - in the USDMs, the mounting screws don't line up quite right. But I put the screws in at funny angles and it's held for about a year now. :)

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You guys are hilarious. You are telling the guy to trim the piece to make it fit since the kit was designed for RHD cars...but none of you major-domos looked at where the user is from: Sidney, Australia. For him, the part will fit without problems - or rather without OUR misalignment problems.


Everything they said holds right up, espec. NSFW.

In addition use any, some or all of the attached materials. They will teach you some or all the steps needed to remove the parts you need and run the kit.

26 - Air Vent Grill.pdf




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