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Clutch ROASTED at 41,XXX Miles: PICTURE


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So My clutch got completely roasted at 41,xxx miles. It somehow rusted aswell. My throwout bearing was screwed up and since they were replacing that under warranty they recommended that I switch the clutch aswell. Here is the picture: I went rough on the car a few times but I didnt think that the clutch would go so soon. Anyways, the dealership was great, got an 09 forester as a loaner. BTW, the gas mileage on the base forester non-turbo is worse than on my legacy gt :spin:.


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So you got this repaired by the dealership in PA?


I guess your dealership back home broke things more instead of fix it. :lol:


When I got the throwout bearing fixed the first time the clutch felt extremely tight. I am guessing that they tightened the pressure plate too much somehow and the throwout bearing wore out the clutch prematurely. I am guessing this. I have no idea even if it is possible. But up close it looked like a war zone.

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