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Hello All,

Got rid of my wife's old Va-Jetta and just picked me up a 2005 Legacy GT Wagon dark blue (what color is that?).


Back in the day (pre-child), owned a 2003 WRX and put 107K on it before we traded it in for the 4Runner.


Really like the car so far and look forward to meeting up with you all. If I may quote my wife when we bought the car "GREAT does this mean you are going to drag me to all those car meets that all we do is talk about bigger turbos and how many HP stickers give cars...." my A.D.D. then started to kick in and then I faded back in some time later... "have a good time honey..." sweet!

So is this framingham meet going to happen? it just happens that I live in framingham. nice.


See you all around.

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Congrats and welcome. Displaced Worcester native here. That color is Regal Blue Pearl (RBP) Not too many as they only sold it in 05+06. AKA: The best color. I'm not biased at all...nope, not at all. ;)
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I have almost the exact same car, just lower and gunmetal wheels, probably a lot louder too.


The Framingham meet is moving to Bedford this Saturday because of all the people going for the tinting. There will be a Framingham meet on Saturday, Feb 28th at 1pm. Subscribe to the Natick/Framingham Meet thread for updates :)

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