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EDU: plug those front bumper holes


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Here in PA you don't get a front license plate, and of course when i picked my car up 2 weeks ago there's this awesome (sarcasm) dealership advertisement license plate screwed into my front bumper. I decided that needed to go asap and i didn't like the look of 2-screws sitting in my front bumper.


The plugs i got at Lowe's in the screw/nuts/bolts aisle, there was a drawer filled with all different sizes. I went with the smallest one i could find, part #881204



They look like this, pic was taking post-painted, they come all black.



I scuffed them up by rubbing them around on some sandpaper first. Then using the 4oz. bottle w/ brush from www.automotivetouchup.com i applied about 6 coats of paint. It was $13 shipped for the little bottle of paint, but i figured this is going to be permanent on the front of my car i wanted it to be as perfect as possible.


My fully-custom paint "table" i used to hold the plugs while i painted.



After the 6th or so coat of paint dried i sprayed them with a few layers of clearcoat.


Before installing i trimmed off one of the "prongs", i figured it would hold just fine with one prong, no need to have huge holes in my bumper just so both would slide in. (forgot to take a pic of it trimmed)



Going to install them required the front bumper holes to be widened slightly. I drilled them out with a 15/64" bit. It allowed the plugs to push in easily but to fit snug.


Very happy with the outcome.




While i was doing all this I decided the rear license plate frame had to go also as it was a dealership frame too.


I picked up one of the license plate frame + cover kits at pepboys and a set of screw covers. I went with a smoke tinted cover because i plan to get the rear brake light overlays at some point and figured they would look good together.


I didn't spend the extra money on color-match paint for this because i want to clear my grill at some point and will just repaint the license plate frame at the same time.


Picked up Silver metallic spray paint while i was at pepboys.






again, about 6 coats of paint, then 2-3 of clearcoat.


When i went to put it all together i realized my license plate was too large to fit into the frame, so i trimmed it with some tin snips. But this caused the edges of my plate to become jagged and sharp, not something i wanted pressed right up to my paint.


So i picked this up at pepboys



That screws into the pre-existing holes in my rear bumper, then the plate and frame screw into that.


Happy with the outcome, the cheap $5 can of paint matches pretty well. I will repaint it color-match when i clear my grill.



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