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I got a cobb catted downpipe on the way. Once I get it installed the car is going over to the cobb dyno to get protuned. Right now my 2007 spec B is completely stock besides HIDs. Are there any other mods I should do before shelling out the money for tuning that are reasonable and easy? I really really want to stay with the stock mufflers/etc because I am going to put a hitch on the car to pull my motorcycles around. Would stuff like a midpipe and TMIC be worth the cash? The car is a daily driver just looking for a bit more pep. It will never be tracked or raced.
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With the DP you will be at a basic Stage 2, you could get an aftermarket mid and Y pipe to use with the stock mufflers, but that would not give you much HP overall. The TMIC will give you some slight gains, but the more important roll of the aftermarket TMIC is the piece of mind that it will stay intact (the stock IC has been known to have the endtanks come loose and leak at stage 2 boost levels).


IMO, based on your goals, I would skip the dyno tune and just run the basic Stage 2 cobb map (or get an opensource E tune from infamous1 or some other tuner).


good luck!

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