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My Legacy Bummy hop when tempeture gauge is at 0


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G'day to anyone that can provide me with some explanation.

I have a Legacy B4 yr2000. every morning i give the car a good 5-10min warm up.


But if i don't warm up the car as in my engine. my car seems to bunny hop at first and second gear and if say the car is park and engine off for an hour or so. This will also create a bunny hop situation at first and second gear for a short period of time.


Has anyone experience this problem? and does anyone thing this is a Temperature sensor problem or a O2 sensor problem?


sorry for the really brief explanation as this is my first topic post.


any suggestion or help will be gladly appreciated. I'm planning to take it into Subaru to get it check out.



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Possibly because when the engine is cold it will idle around 1500 RPM. So when you are going slow in first gear you will be pulling it below 1500RPM... On that note, my '99 outback is always jumpy like you described at low speeds. Even when it is warmed up. But not so much. It also occasionally has a bit of a stutter during idle. I have been thinking injectors for a while, but being my second car, I haven't looked into it much.
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Maybe, maybe not. But if they haven't been replaced in a while it is time to do it anyway. (have fun doing them in a 2.5...). Also, as someone recommended replace your air filter. I got a washable one and cleaned my MAF. All on my legacy, I have yet to give some love to my outback...
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