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Legacy GT FAQ


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Greetings, I was wondering if legacygt.com would be the place to be for a Legacy FAQ.


As folks get more information about the Legacy, be nice to have the information all in one place. Differences in roll bar sizes between models, what the real differences are between the 2.5L turbo engines from Subaru, solid explanations of the differences between the AWD systems with the manual and automatic transmissions, etc.... A place for any new owner to get a quick overview about the models. In the future, can add known problem areas (hopefully not too many) and modification information.


Here's an example from the neons.org folks:




What do people think?



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We already have one
wow, that's a lot of info, .. thanks for taking the time. :lol:


we have info in stickies, but it's not necessarily a f.a.q. .. with all the info in the stickies though, .. not sure that i would agree that a single f.a.q. is needed since it would be another entity to keep up.

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