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Bye for Now but Will be back!!!

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Hi All,

Four Thursdays ago, my car was totaled on the I-95 in CT (I was not at fault). I bought my legacy new in 05 (2.5I, not a GT) and couldn't believe how awesome the car was. I had no mechanical problems whatsoever and the car ran through the summers and harsh New England winters without a hitch. I am sad to let it go!


Due to other financial obligations and the fact that the new legacy is about 6-8 months away, i have settled on a used Saabaru 9-2x Aero (Turbo) for the time being. I will be back to Subaru but until then, i wish you farewell, a happy holidays and a happy new year.





RIP - Pics of legacy :(




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Hi All, thanks for all the kind words. I found an incredible deal on the Aero, something that i couldn't pass up. Once the car is in my possession, i will take some pics and share them with you guys. If you need to know anything specific about the car, please ask, as i am also in the discovery stages. Oh and i will most definitely still take part in many of the threads on these forums.


In any case, i will be back in a legacy. Most likely during the 2nd year of the new platform/model.

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