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Winter Driving Series – Monticello Motor Club


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I'll be going down on 1/4 I believe or 1/11 from VT. Below are the details:


Winter Driving Series – Monticello Motor Club

Let the snow fly –

The MMC Winter Driving Series is designed to deliver driving excitement, rally car style, on our track that happens to be covered with ice and snow!


On December 20th, 2008, weather permitting, MMC will be opening for the first time in the winter. An exciting fun filled day of getting sideways and mastering four-wheel drifts awaits you. Come check out Dave Mirra, BMX legend and 2008 Rally America Rookie of the Year. He will be driving his Open Class 2007 Subaru Impreza WRX STI rally car. Vermont Sports Car, who runs Subaru Rally Team USA will be bringing Travis Pastrana's championship winning 2008 Subaru Impreza WRX STI rally car for participants to check out.


Utilizing the South Circuit, groomed to perfection, the Winter Driving Series will be open to all driving enthusiasts. Bring your friends and family to watch as you test the limits of your car through time-trials, open lapping sessions, and other exciting formats. Just because winter is here doesn’t mean the motoring fun must come to a halt. So let it snow at the Monticello Motor Club.


Winter Driving Series Highlights:

· MMC South Circuit - 1.8 Miles with 11-turns consisting of large sweepers, increasing and decreasing radius corners, and thrilling elevation changes.

· Exciting Formats – Go against the clock in head to head time trials or test, tune, and practice your skills in our open lapping sessions.

· Rally Events – Break out the rally car, mix it up with fellow drivers and put on a show for spectators.


2008-2009 Schedule


Weather Permitting: Please call or check http://www.drivemmc.com for the latest track conditions and scheduling updates.


Event Location: 67 Cantrell Road, Monticello, NY 12701

Registration and Vehicle Inspection: 8:00am - 10:00am

Event Hours: 9:00am - 4:30pm


· Dec. 20, 2008 – Opening Day - Testing/Open Sessions/Time Trials – Open to First 50 Cars – Limited space available, call to register today!

· Jan. 3 & 4 – Open Sessions/Time Trials

· Jan. 10 & 11 – Open Session/Time Trials/Door-to-Door

· Jan. 17 & 18 – Open Sessions/Time Trials

· Jan. 24 & 25 – Open Sessions/Time Trials

· Jan. 31 & Feb 1 – Open Sessions/Time Trials

· Feb. 7 & 8 – TBD

· Feb. 14 & 15 – TBD

· Feb. 21 & 22 – TBD

· Feb. 28 & Mar. 1 – TBD

· Mar. 14 & 15 – TBD

· Mar. 21 & 22 – TBD

Hospitality/Driver Services

Food and beverages will be available to spectators and drivers for purchase. Professional driving instruction and vehicle rentals are available by reservation only.

Rules and Regulations

Entrants will have the option of participating in open lapping sessions, time trials and other formats (subject to MMC participation agreement)! Events will be limited to the first 100 cars. Seatbelts and helmets must be worn at all times. Studded tires are not permitted. Admission is $250 per driver and $15 per person for spectators. MMC requires a credit card authorization form on file to cover additional fees for towing and any damage to the facility. All drivers must read and acknowledge the participation agreement prior to entry.


Vehicle Inspection

Participant’s vehicles are required to pass an inspection. This is to ensure no studded tires are equipped, working seatbelts are installed, all safety lights are operating properly and each driver has an approved SNELL 95 or newer helmet.

Check out http://www.drivemmc.com for all details, scheduling and updates. Call or email to reserve your spot today!



Matt Gottlieb

Monticello Motor Club



Office: 877.578.RACE (7223) x293

Fax: 845.468.7039

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Sounds awesome man. Would love to go, but too close to the holidays. I'd be willing to go late Jan/Early Feb. If it works out and you do got this weekend. Give details/pics and your results, if you so dare.... haha. Happy Holidays Bitches!!!!
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Reports were very light turnout, even with all the snow a "dry" line formed quite quickly resulting in a rather rough transition from sliding to grip and significant tire wear. I did an event in similiar conditions at Weymouth Air Station years ago and it's pretty harsh on the car. Hopefully they can figure out some kind of grooming solution, otherwise you'll need to find creative lines.
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