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what brakes?


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Hello everone, i have asked many questions on this forum and i am happy with all the parts recommended so far, and i back, lol, i need to change my rotors and pads, rotors are warped, i need a good daily driving rotors and prolly Hawk pads, does anyone knows where to get a good priced rotors, i dont race the car, but i do drive it hard, i also dont want to brake the bank, can i resurface the stockers, i have 50k on the car and they shake abit only under hight speed 70+ mph braking, so what you recommend new rotors or resurface and pads, i wann hear what you run, and yes i did searched. Thank you
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We have everything you are looking for and on sale at the moment. You probably just have uneven deposits on your rotors from the OE pads. You can first try Hawk HPS if you like or just replace everything while youre in there.


You can resurface the rotors, but you'll be taking off a bit of material. Without knowing the wear on your current rotors, I cannot tell if you will be below minimum thickness after having the rotors turned.


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Lemme know if I can help, thanks.

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Great service. No bumping required :icon_tong!

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