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Best 70mph highway mpg? OB XT or L GT?


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I might be doing a several hundred mile commute twice a week at about 70mph.


I want to know whether the OB XT or L GT will give me better gas mileage? (I know their gearing is different I just am not sure how to interpret those numbers into picking a 'winner'.


Can anyone help me out?


Also, I know generally manuals are more fuel efficient then autos, but does the auto's different gear give any advantage in any of these two cases?


I might settle for the auto if it gets significantly better gas mileage at 70mph cruising.



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My driving ranges alot, but the best judgement I can give is on the way to my usual ski area. It is a winding road that I take at 50 to 60 for the most part and I get between 34 and 26 mpg after 45 minutes. BTW thats without much braking and hard acceleration.
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I can't provide a comparison of the two, but here's another data point: My 5EAT GT wagon averaged 26mpg with 70-80mph highway driving with two passengers, cargo area about 3/4 full in 90 degree weather last summer. That was with only about 3000 miles on the odo.


My guess is that the OBXT would provide slightly less gas milage due to gearing, heavier weight and wider/higher profile tires (possibly more roll resistance). The roof rack would also add a bit of drag, but that can be easily removed.



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Between the 5EAT and the 5MT, at crusing speeds you're probly not gonna get a noticeable difference. The LGT will get better highway milage becasue it has a lower profile and is more areodynamic.


My first highway trip in my OBXT, about 600 miles, I got around 32 MPG at no more than 65 mph. Now I have an air brake (ski rack) and I normally cruise at around 75-80 and I get 18 MPG tops. I expect that to go up to 21 MPG once the ski rack comes off.

(Updated 8/22/17)

2005 Outback FMT

Running on Electrons

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Different transmissin and axle gearing notwithstanding, I think from a "wheels turning" on the ground, the different tire size on the OBXT probably balances out the final gearing so that the OBXT and LGT end up being very close to the same between the vehicles.


That said, though, the extra heigth, weight, drag and rolling resistance of the OBXT would ding your gas mileage 1 or 2 mpg, perhaps more. Everything else being equal, the LGT should theoretically get better gas mileage.



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