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!!**!! Heater core or blower motor!!**!!

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i have a 1991 subaru legacy, the heater stopped blowing about 4 months ago... When i am at 40mph+ i can feel the hot air blowing threw the vents.

it dose change from vent to defrost to bi-level but no hot air blows... Is it the heater core or the blowere motor that is bad ??

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That I can't tell you. Prolly best answered by a tech or at least someone who has been down that path before. I dug around and found this thread:


And this quote which I think is what you're looking for:

I had the same problem on my 1990 Legacy. The heater would sometimes work, in any speed. Driving fast (>60mph) usually fixed it, I guess by increasing inflow. But it wouldn't spin the next time I drove, and eventually it never worked.

The electronics didn't seem to be the problem, so I took the fan motor apart. Took an hour or so. First, remove the glove box and its mounting bracket (a bunch of screws). Under there, locate the cookie-tin-shaped fan assembly, remove the hose (pull on other end), unplug the wires, and remove 3 screws. Move it to someplace more comfortable. Take the fan off. Take the motor apart, remove purple-brown crud from corroded foam gasket, examine brushes for wear, then put it back together. You'll need a screwdriver and some pliers.

Plug it back in to the electrics to test it before you reinstall. If it still doesn't work, it's beyond me, but you could test it in another car to determine whether it's the motor or electrics.

Hope that helps

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I think it is there too. They seem to have had it under the glove box since history begun or something. I had it on my '83, and on my '92...


But is the fan not working at all or only working at max power? Easy to test - engine off, ignition on and play with the fan settings. If it's silent all over the fan is dead, but if it works on the max setting then it's a resistor pack that has died.

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