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Hey There I Am looking to buy a new car and have fallin in love with the 2006 Legacy GT. Before I buy one I wanted to make sure that I cover all my bases with possible problems the car may have...I love my current car but there are a few problems with it that suck that every owner has like the sunroof breaking fuel pump going bad, alternator failure, oil starvation during HARD left turns. I have been reading through the forums the past couple days to try and learn as much as possible as far as negative things with the legacy.


Problems that I have read about and correct me if im wrong.

rear wheel bearings going bad

throw out bearing going bad (big problem)

cooling fan relay (recall)

audio system (Pain in the but to replace the factory radio but I think I have all of this under controll.)


My question is what kinda of problems have alot of members had...Both problems that were and were not covered under factory warrenty.


Some help would be great...Im going wed to test drive an auto that is around here and if I fallin love with it then Im probally going to buy one that I have found because I have to have a stick...


just to give my back round I currently drive an 00 cougar that has been a great car for the past 4 years but I want something faster with 4 doors that is fun to drive and more "upscale". I like the WRX and the STI but every time I pass one I think RACER which Im sure Cops do as well. the legacy is something most people dont think about from what I know.

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had one wheel bearing go bad on me. throw out bearing went on me at 98k; so IMO that's not a problem, thats a part that I got my $$ worth on.


As for any other issues, my thoughts are: tell me which car doesn't have problems? to some extent any car you get into is going to have it's laundry list of issues.

258k miles - Stock engine/minor suspension upgrades/original shocks/rear struts replaced at 222k/4 passenger side wheel bearings/3 clutches/1 radiator/3 turbos
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yeah I understand that every car is going to have its issues I just want to make sure that its nothing major th throw out bearing scares me cause from what I read they are not covered under warrenty...also a little worried about the noise people are getting under WOT coming from the rear suspension in the cold.
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I thought about creating a new topic, but figured since it follows this thread will reply in here. I am thinking of going to look at a 2005 LGT Wagon later today, it has 56k, are there any areas I should pay careful attention to?


I have tried searching, and read numbers of threads, but I can't seem to find any where that has a list of things that should be looked at when checking out a Legacy, especially for someone new to both AWD and turbos.



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