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Uneven Pad Wear on the same caliper


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My wife complained of a grinding noise from her rear brakes last night. I had driven the car only a few nights before and did not notice anything out of the ordinary. When I looked at her left rear rotor last night, there was obvious grooving at the edge. It seemed odd considering I had replaced the brake pads at all four corners less than 15,000 miles ago.


I pulled the rear wheels off and immediately noticed the outside pad on the left was completely gone and she was grinding metal on metal. I pulled both calipers off and was confused by what had happened.


The outside pad on the left side was indeed completely gone, however the inside pad was at what looked like 100%. The right side had normal wear for 15K on both the inside and outside pad.


What would cause this condition? It's probably been going on since I changed the pads 15K ago.

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