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Rota G-Force 18x9 +35 on a Legacy - PICS!


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user "overboost" on Nasioc has these on his 06 Legacy GT. He's apparently using Tein Flex coilovers as well.


These are wheels Wheeldude sells as WRX wheels. I don't know how the hell they fit on his car, but they look like they fit. I PM'd him and asked him what he did to get them to fit and how bad they rub.


But this is the look I am going for. I am so tired of our limited selection of high offset, "flat" wheels on our cars.

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Tires are 235/40/18


How is he not rubbing? Camber adjustment? I see he has these wheels for sale so maybe they really don't fit? LOL

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all i know is.


because it fits, does not mean it's good. it can fit and be good, it may not.


only thing is.. our wheel bearings are known to have issues. this certainly would not help the cause.


IMO it doesnt look good sticking out like that. these things (pushed out, GTR faced wheels) are meant for widebodied cars.

car for sale. PM me!
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