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Rota Grid in 18x8.5 +44

Mr. Furley

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Well, I finally have my new wheels mounted.


They're Rota Grid in Hyper Black, size 18 X 8.5, with Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport tires in a 245/45WR18.






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come on drift motion, im watching pm's and emails like a hawk for responses to my querrys about rota grids, im pulling the trigger on monday,


your post made me show the :eek: face and i rushed to the computer only to find....



on a different car..haha
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They're Rota Gravels 18x8.5 +44 running 235/40/18 Falken fk452's. Lowered on Tein basic coilovers, rolled fenders and trimmed front bumper mounts and fender areas. pix here: http://legacygt.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2961661&postcount=31


did u do negative camber? can u get pics of what bumper mounts you trimmed?


so 18x8.5 +44 required some mods? Without lowering do you think that I would have issues with that combo ?

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Im going to compare the grids to my previous setup, as they are the only

setup I have first hand expierence with.


Spec B factory rim 18x7 +55, 215/45/18 tire.


Rims I just returned were Javlin J-2 18x7.5 +42mm, 235/40/18 tire.


Rota Grids are 18x8.5 +44mm, 235/40/18 tire (im using same tire).




The Javlins did not rub in the front, with no fender roll. They rubbed in

the rear barely, with fender roll, I think they were rubbing on the pastic

trim behind the rear door, and a bit on the fender liner on hard cornering.



They had 7mm more inner clearance than stock, and extended 19mm more than

stock to the fender. These number are speaking of the rim, not the tire/rim combo.

According to http://rimsntires.com/specs.jsp, the PACKAGE will stick out 23mm

(0.9'') farther with the added tire meat and have more clearance toward the strut.



The rota grid RIMS according to http://rimsntires.com/specs.jsp, have 8mm LESS inner clearance than stock (shouldnt be a problem) and the lip extended 30mm more stock to the fender. Thats only 11mm more outward than the Javlins I had. When the tire info is added, the package will extend 21mm (0.8'') farther than stock. This is MORE fender clearance than the Javlins. This due to the fact that the 1" extra wheel width is eating up the meat of the tire more than the previous wheel. That coupled with the higher offset than the javlins only moves the PACKAGE towards the suspension 2mm which is nothing to worry about.




Am I taking crazy pills or does my math check out? Untested math doesn't always work, but because I actually have the tires in hand and have run the setup I'm comparing to, i think Ive done some good home work. Thoughts?


pic 1 is stock-vs-javlin.jpg I know what kind of rubbing this setup did, it was all outer fender/plastic rubbing.


pic 2 is stock-vs-grids.jpg, this is just to see what the numbers look like with the stock vs grid setup.


pic 3 is javlin-vs-grid.jpg, I used this because now I can see that the rota grid package with the same tires, actually nets me more clearance toward the fender.




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