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STS problems after a few months....bushing kits?


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hey everyone,


Ive had a Group A dual adjustable STS(same as cobb unit) ever since i bought my car about 7 months back. It works great, but now i find that while in gear i get a pretty good amount of back and forth motion.


We have been swamped in the Shop for winter tire season, and ahvnet had a chance to pull the console off to take a look, it feels like i have worn out a bushing perhaps... any incite?


Id like to buy a complete bushing kits including pivots, and front and rear bushings, does anyone know a place I can get all that in a kit?


searchign didnt reveal much, so any icnite would be great!


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turninconcepts.com has them all. Hardened front and rear stay bushings, special sleeve pivot bushings for the shifter as well and the linkage connection to the trans. I have complete package from them with kartboy shifter
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