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Good review of 2009 Legacy from Left Lane News


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Bottom line:


Why you would buy it:

You’re an individualist looking for a bit more performance while still staying with a low-profile brand. The Legacy rewards its driver with terrific driving dynamics and an upscale interior but doesn’t stand out in a parking lot like a BMW or Audi.

Why you wouldn’t:

You need lots of rear seat room for teenagers or adults. Or, you require something with a more prestigious badge on the hood because you’re that image-conscious.

The Legacy stands as potentially the most underrated automobile on the market today. Largely ignored by mainstream consumers, it exists for a small cadre of devoted enthusiasts who understand that driving a “sensible” sedan need not mean giving up twisty road tenacity. Priced competitively against similarly-equipped Mazda Mazda6s and Nissan Altimas, the Legacy is an easy underdog to root for.




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That is a fantastic, very accurate sum up.


I am not sure it is about staying with a low profile brand, as much as it is about staying with an appropriate value price, compared to the BMW and Audi.


"most underreated automobile on the market today", no doubt.


After reading that review, I am almost tempted to test drive an automatic with the paddles... but I still don't think I would give up a stick shift...




Change that up to be a RRP (Ruby Red Pearl) Spec B, with some visual mods... I think it could replace my GRP Stage 2 GT Limited, if I can keep some of my aftermarket stuff. :D


But with HK aux-in stereo, folding rear seats, SI-drive, 6MT, and bilsteins. All things I wish my car had, and can finally get with some sort of red paint. (wish Regal blue would make a comeback, though... too late now for '09)


Now if only a brand new Spec B weren't double the resale value of my '05... I'll just hold on another couple years... My 05 is still doin' quite well at 60k miles... I'll wait until the depreciation has brought the '09 down closer to '05.

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