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2.5i Intake Walkthrough


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So I've seen several threads asking about them, but none about how to put one on. This thread is for the N/A owners who want to know what to get. I tried to take pics of everything I used so you can make a single stop at Autozone, if anyone sees something I forgot let me know and I'll add it.


We'll start with gains. There aren't a lot in our cars, but what I have noticed with mine is a slightly better pick up and about 2 or 3 added MPG, although if I'm light on the pedal I've seen a gain as high as almost 10.


Next, the tube. You'll probably just want to order one off of eBay, that's what most people and myself did. Some members were able to find a tube that was shaped so it didn't require cutting, I bought one similar to this one pictured below, and after a few different setups I cut it into 3 pieces to get a snug fit.



The first 2 pics below are the current setup I'm running on my car. If you don't like the way it looks then there are more expensive alternatives that you may like better, but this is the best of the many setups I've tried, and altogether only cost me around $120-$150 with the $50-$60 K&N Drop In Filter.


The next 6 pics are the supplies I needed (All supplies except for the Impreza tube were purchased at Autozone).

Pic 1) 1/4 inch vacuum line (I picked up about 1.5 feet just to have extra in case).

Pic 2) 1/2 inch heater hose (you only need about 2" of this)

Pic 3) Hose clamps, I bought 8 of the small ones (I think the size was 1/4"-5/8") and 8 of the big ones (somewhere slightly over 3")

Pic 4 & 5) Barbed T to split vacuum outlet. You only need this if the intake tube you get is like mine and only leaves you with 2 vacuum outlets. I've heard these are hard to find, but like I said I bought them at Autozone and they only had the 1/4" ones in a variety pack (pic 4 is the packaging).

Pic 6) This is some memory flex intake tubing. It can be very easily manipulated and stays in the shape you put it in.


You will also need a couple couplings, I just used Spectre because they were already at Autozone and came with the hose clamps.









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Obviously you start by removing the stock intake. I'm not going to go over it, mainly because I did it about 6 months ago and I can't really remember every step. It's very self explanatory though, just take everything out from the intake box to the engine. The only part that's going to give you any problems, as far as I can remember, is when you remove the black and whit connector in the last picture below. You just yank it out, but it's in there really tight, and you will see why it will be this piece that will give you the most trouble if you ever decide to go back to stock.


Using the 1/2" hose, connect that black and clear piece to one of the vacuum outlets (last pic). I zip tied it to one of the mounting brackets to keep it from rattling. Then stick a piece of 1/4" hose into each of the stock hoses and connect them together with the barbed T. Then cut a short piece of 1/4" hose (about 2") and connect the third end of the barbed T to the second vacuum outlet (4th pic).


The rest is pretty self explanatory by looking at the pictures, put the K&N in if you got it, cut a piece of the flexible intake tubing that will reach from your stock box to the metal tube, connect them all with couplings, and you're good to go. If you have any questions I can try to help, I'm no walkthrough guru, so again I'm sorry if I left anything out.









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Oops, sandwiched ya there. ya, 07. Very slightly rougher idle, nothing too bad (I actually like to be able to feel it a little more). WOT gives a nice hiss and a little extra, and much needed, pickup (I mean slight, nothing to get too excited about).
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Hmm, interesting. Im still deciding if I should do this or not. I was thinking about getting the Group A drive-by-wire throttle body spacer, but it doesnt fit if I do this intake according to one of the other N/A guys, so Im debating whether which one would be more beneficial.


decisions, decisions... :spin:

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